Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coveside Boats and Burgees

Although I had to work this past weekend (yup, laboring on Labor Day), Damon didn't.  He had a great weekend on OPB's -- other people's boats.  I didn't let him have all the fun though.  He sailed into Christmas Cove (where John Smith, yes that John Smith) spent Christmas in 1614, and I drove over to meet our friend Bruce and him.  Dinner was fun and Coveside was funky.

Worth the drive.  Or sail.

Bruce's boat Hepatica, a Cape Dory 30.

Looking for their assigned mooring.

These people sailed onto their mooring.  Nicely done.

There might have been a Dark n Stormy on the deck while waiting for them to sail in.

The deck.

Hungry guys after a long day of sailing.

Wicked Pissah decor.  Yacht club burgees from all over the world.  Damon found one from Jubilee Yacht Club, where his parents were members long ago.

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  1. livin' the dream...good for the hard workin' fellas!