Thursday, March 19, 2015

Harpswell Stories

 This past winter I got a call from the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, asking if I'd be willing to participate in their Voices of the Sea project.  Sure, why not?  I got to chat with two amazing young men (thanks Brian and Sam!) about things I love.  Who wouldn't want to do that?

Over 25 people with connections to the ocean and Harpswell were interviewed by students from the Harpswell Coastal Academy, a charter school serving middle and high school students.  They interviewed most of us twice, with well-prepared questions, and then transcribed the interviews to carefully evaluate what parts they wanted to use.  These were edited into 3-4 minute portions. 

Earlier this month the land trust had a reception for the students and I got to see not only the fruits of Brian and Sam's labors, but all of the interviews the students conducted.  The range of people they talked to ran from clam diggers to sailors to farmers, and even a scientist and blogger was thrown in for good measure.  This was an impressive effort for kids to undertake, and their teachers and the folks at HHLT are to be commended for all the work they did to set up interviews and put them together into an amazing connection.

One of my interviewers.
Check out Voices of the Sea/Harpswell Stories HERE.  You can listen to me blather on about Leach's storm petrels on Kent Island.

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