Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Three awesome footbridges in Maine

I'm a sucker for a footbridge.  They call us back to former times, before we zipped along in our rocket cars at ridiculous speeds, making the landscape a blur and hiding the most amazing parts of the world.  They make us pay attention to what's going on around us -- the weather, the water, the people.  Here in Maine, we have three terrific footbridges you shouldn't miss:

Perkins Cove:  May as well start with my favorite.  Sorry, Belfast and Boothbay, you've got cool footbridges, but it's hard to beat this one -- it's a foot drawbridge!  I wouldn't ever, in my wildest dreams, have imagined something like this existed.  But it does, allowing foot traffic between Perkins Cove and the main part of Ogunquit (this is a great place to start a walk along Marginal Way).  Under it lies one of the prettiest commercial harbors in the state, with picture-perfect lobster boats (many old-fashioned wood boats) lying at their moorings. Someday I hope to be there when a boat sounds its horn to ask for the bridge to be drawn, and to maybe even be the one who gets to press the "open" button.  I should be so lucky!

Does it get better than this?  Squuueeee!  So cute.

I love this bridge.

Looking towards Perkins Cove

In the harbor.

I happen to be an adult  . . . sort of.

Must.  Resist.  Urge.  To.  Push.  Button.

And while you're there . . . .

Belfast:  With amazing views of Belfast Harbor and the Demillo's marina, this is a great way to get from one side of Belfast Harbor to the other.  A perfect day would be a little shopping in downtown Belfast (a super-funky little town), then walking over the footbridge to Young's Lobster Pound.

A great view of very pretty boats.

Dory approves.

Belfast Harbor at its best.

Boothbay Harbor:  Even though Boothbay is a bit touristy, it still has its charms.  One of them in the footbridge stretching across the harbor.  This is a great way to get out into the middle of things, and you'll get views of the amazing boats that fill Boothbay Harbor.


A nice view from the bridge.

It gets skinny past the bridge.

Makes you feel like you're out on the water!

Get out there and see Maine!


  1. I'm glad you like our footbridge here in Belfast, Janet..the other ones are very cool..a very imaginative post..(is that the correct term?)

    1. I love Belfast! Funky little town by the sea.