Monday, September 21, 2015

And then there was fog: Mackworth Island

This is Maine.  So it was foolish of me to look out my window at home and think "wow, it's nice and sunny!"  Because here in Maine, there's no fog pitter-pattering on little cat's feet.  This is badass, angry, tricksy fog.  Pissed-off tiger fog.  When you least expect it, expect it.

For a couple of years I've been hoping to get out to Mackworth Island down in Falmouth, and Saturday afternoon's beautiful sun (at my house anyways) was calling, so I packed up Dory and headed south on 295.  That late summer sun shone on us all the way to Freeport, where I noticed a low cloud streaming over the trees from Casco Bay.  Hmm, that's funny, says I.  Doesn't seem cloudy . . . .

And this is what I love about Maine.  At the entrance to Mackworth Island, we could look west at a perfect, sunny afternoon.  Or we could turn around and look east, at pea-soup fog covering Casco Bay.  It was really cool.

Mackworth was worth the trip.  Although it's  not the longest hike (1.25 miles), it's really beautiful (from what I could tell staring out at the fog).  The island was once Governor Baxter's, and is still a school for the deaf.  The trees were spectacular, and there were plenty of spots to enjoy the water. Overall a terrific escape from reality for a little while.

Mackworth Island is a state park.  Pay the Iron Ranger, people.  Don't be cheap.

Dory approved of the trails.  Wide, hard packed.  Great if you have mobility issues.

The trees were amazing.

There's an ocean out there somewhere.

Pea soup.

A Fairy House.

The parking attendant's station.  There is very limited parking.  You might need to wait, or come back later.

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