Friday, October 31, 2014

So you don't think it's all smurfs and raisins

Yeah, I have a great job.

But sometimes, you gotta admit sitting warm and cozy in an office might be preferable.  Especially at the tail end of a nor'easter, with gusty winds, cool temperatures, drizzle, and gloomy skies.  On a day when the tide is particularly low, so collecting for class specimens is on the agenda.

Nothing to do but put on the foul weather gear, grab a bucket, and stop whining!

It wasn't all that bad in all these layers.  There's no bad weather, just bad clothes.

I walked along the shore from Dick's Lobster to Potts Point.

Talk about grey . . .

. . . but beautiful.

No one hides from me!  I see you.

Ha!  A tiny little dogwhelk.  There were tons of them, probably freshly hatched.

Now that's some beautiful seaweed.

And the sun tried it's hardest to cooperate!

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  1. There's nothing like exploring the shoreline..always something new after each tide..