Saturday, September 6, 2014

An Unexpected Surprise -- LaVerna Preserve

Sometimes, you get lucky.
A throne for a queen of a gal.
Last weekend, my friend Julie once again humored me by heading out exploring with me.  We thought we'd head down to New Harbor, maybe get some clams, maybe go for a walk.  Neither of us really knew what we wanted to do, or where we wanted to go, but we knew it would be a great place to have a little adventure.

The night before our outing, I pulled the Maine Gazetteer out from under the boots ,water bottles, boxes, and otherwise useless junk that seems to accumulate in my car, and took a look at it.  Hmm, interesting -- I had noted from a previous trip that there was a trailhead on Rt 32 between Round Pond and New Harbor.  Once again, that Gazetteer proved itself worth the money I paid for it, because this was the trailhead for the LaVerna Preserve.

Julie was up for a reconnaissance  mission to the preserve.  At first, it didn't look like much (at least not to an Ocean Lover).  You know, just some nice trees and a really cool stone wall or two.  But this preserve ends up to have one of the most spectacular coastlines in the state -- and that's saying a lot.  After a nice little 20 minute hike, the trail opened up with a spectacular view of Muscongus Sound and some amazing rocks, with crashing surf and intertidal zonation in evidence.

Now, I'm not much of a geologist, so I'm just going to let these pictures speak for themselves:

Needless to say, I think you all need to turn off the computer -- right now -- and get down to LaVerna Preserve!  I'll see you out there (or, just maybe at the King Eider Pub afterwards).

TO GET THERE:  Take US 1 to Damariscotta.  Go south on Rt 129, and after 2 3/4 miles bear left onto Rt 130.  After 2 3/4 miles, you will enter Bristol; turn left on Lower Round Pond Road.  Follow this to the end and turn right onto Rt 32.The trailhead will be on the right about 3 miles down the road, just after the cemetery.  Enjoy!

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