Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hikes in Harpswell -- Potts Point

I'm home for a few days, voted off the island.  Okay, I'm actually home to pay bills and work on the house.  Being away for all the warm summer months isn't conducive to home maintenance.  Some porch renovation; some painting; some gardening are all on the schedule.

But woman cannot live by construction projects alone.  I mean, the sun is out, the temperature is perfect, and the dog is ready for fun!  How can I resist a quick trip out to Harpswell?

Potts Point is conserved by the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, and it's an amazing spot.  The preserve is only an acre or two -- just an island connected to the mainland by a spit of sand, but where else could you get all this:

Wildflowers to enjoy:

Wild roses

Rosa rugosa

Orach -- you can eat it!

Beach peas


Tiny pocket marshes all through the upper intertidal:

And gulls, eiders, and terns raising a ruckus:

Eiders, with babies.  Right after I took this a black back gull carried a baby away!

Common terns feeding.
And some interesting sights:

This is where you park.  Well, up on the road, not on the beach.

Who doesn't love a mailbox that looks like its owner?
Driftwood in the evening sun
And to top things off:

Sunset over Casco Bay
GETTING THERE:  From US 1 in Brunswick, take Rt 24 south to Rt 123 (at the corner of Bowdoin College).  Turn right on Rt 123 and follow it 13.5 miles -- until you literally can't go any further.  You'll be at Dick's Lobster and Crab; park out of the way of traffic and the wharf.  Walk along Potts Point Road -- all the way to the end, where you will find a little path to follow.  This will take you to the preserve!

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