Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Something you probably don't want to see . . . .

Sorry, I couldn't resist that.  Last week we took a break from the cold and headed to South Carolina and Georgia to visit the Parental Units.  Amongst other things, I dragged them all over to see the beaches and marshes around them.  There is no escape from the Ocean Lover . . . .

The beach at Hilton Head.  Soft, white sand, gentle slope, minimal surf.  No wonder it's so crowded!

This poor old lady.  A huge horseshoe crab.  She obviously got rolled around in the surf; probably she was looking for a place to lay eggs.  Her parts were strewn along the beach for a ways. 

Checking her out.  I wonder how old she was?

Mermaid's purses.  Egg cases from a shark or ray.

"I'm not dead yet!"  I did my best to get him back to sea.

Fiddler crabs!  My favorite.
Stop complaining about the weather!  This cold is great for the Gulf of Maine.  Pass the blanket.

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