Monday, January 20, 2014

Portland Head Light in Snow. 'Nuf Said.

It's hard to tell if this could be any prettier in summer.
Yes, boats really do rely on these lights.  A dragger making its way in to port.
The keeper's house, light, and whistle room to the far right.
That says "May Cause Hearing Loss".
See that white box with the two little tubes sticking out?  That senses visibility and automatically turns on the horn.  One of those tubes shoots light out into the air; the other detects visible water droplets (fog).
They mean it.  They really, really mean it.
Annie C Maguire wrecked here on Christmas Eve of 1886.  All hands saved; they simply put a ladder over the wreck.
Lots of photographers on a day like this.  A dummy like me can take a good photo of Portland Head!
I love the ocean in winter.
Money shot.

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  1. Beautiful area and nice shots Janet..I give the ocean lots more the summer..