Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend in Castine

Last weekend, we put the dog in the doggie spa and headed up to Castine so Damon could do some continuing ed for his Captain's license.  Here's what we saw:

Some history:

Dyce Head Light

It's Maine.  We *do* the Civil War.

The Congregational Church on a fall day

Amazing wildlife on the docks:

There were hundreds of Asterias seastars.  No joke.

Damon says I am overdressed for the occasion.

My quarry:  Dendronotus frondosus.  Frilled nudibranch.
The Maine Maritime Academy dock stays in year-round, so has an amazing fouling community on it.

 A lovely walk in the woods:

Last of the raspberries.

That's a porcupine!

Penobscot Bay

Maine Maritime Academy and the waterfront:

Some of the MMA's training ships.

That looks like Maine!

You're not going out without me?

Our quarters at MMA.  Very nice.


  1. Since I live in Belfast, my wife and I and our pups often take our boat over to of our favorite destinations..great post!

  2. I'm jealous! It's a great town but quite a hike for us to get to. I think Damon has more training this spring at MMA and I hope it's on a weekend!