Monday, September 16, 2013

Linekin Preserve

The fog crept along the hillside, and I should have taken it as a warning.  But I didn't; I kept hiking down to the Damariscotta River.  Then it started to drizzle.  Then pour.  I wasn't expecting it, and I was in no way prepared.

Despite the soaking, I was pleased to find Linekin Preserve in East Boothbay.  It's amazing that amongst the old family summer cottages and new McMansions there remains any undeveloped land.  The Boothbay Region Land Trust is responsible, as they are for many more great sites in the area.  Not only are these properties breathtakingly beautiful, in many cases they are dog-friendly as well (the Dog approves).

The Linekin Preserve protects 138 acres along the shore of the Damariscotta River.  Trails wind over a heavily wooded ridge.  Ann and Walter Levinson donated the land to the trust in 1994, and allow hikers to cross the land they retained for family use.  William and Lina Burley gave another portion of land to the trust to expand it substantially, saying "the people should be able to walk the land”.  I think I would like them. Once you hike in to the river, the trail skirts along cliffs as a moderate surf surges along the rocks.  (The site is relatively open to the ocean's influence.)  There's no place to safely get down to the water, so it'll have to be enough to enjoy views of the river and South Bristol.  The fog was thick during my visit, but I imagine the view would be lovely on a clear day.

To get there, take SR 96 south from East Boothbay.  Look for Ally Rd on the right; then watch for the small sign on the left.  There's plenty of shaded parking and trailmaps at the entrance.  This trail is pretty wet, so waterproof footwear is essential, and I would call the trails moderately strenuous.

A trip to East Boothbay to enjoy this trail is well worth it.  Just check the radar first.

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